We often got FAQ from our customers about our Bluetooth headphones, here are the FAQ as below for your reference:

First, mobile phones can't get the Zealots Bluetooth headset via Bluetooth.

1.Check if the Zealot Bluetooth is turned on.
2.If the Zealot Bluetooth headset is turned on, but it still can’t be searched, then please try to restart the Bluetooth and mobile phone, and try again.

Second,the Zealots Bluetooth headset can’t be connected to your mobile phone

First of all, please confirm whether you follow the instructions in the manual.
And, The Bluetooth headset is not compatible with your mobile phone. Zealot Bluetooth headphone is a universal Bluetooth headset, which is able to be compatible with 99% of mobile phones in the present market, so you don’t have to worry about the problem of compatibility.

Third, the Zealot Bluetooth headphone can not be charged normally.

1.If the Zealot Bluetooth headset wasn’t used for a long time, you need to charge it for 20 minutes to activate its battery again.
2.Some parts of the Zealot Bluetooth headset has been damaged ( this possibility is very low), you can connect it to the normal devices, and try to find out what the problem is.

Fourth, the Bluetooth headset and mobile phone are always disconnected after the successful connection.

1.When the battery of Zealot Bluetooth headphones is low, it will remind you to charge it as soon as possible.
2.When there is barriers between your phone and the Bluetooth headphone, or the connection distance is beyond the reception distance, please do not hand over the Bluetooth of headphone. In order to maintain the continuous stability of the signal, please try to keep no obstruction between Bluetooth headphone and mobile phones.
3.If the compatibility of the Bluetooth headset and mobile phone is not very good, thus the Bluetooth connection between the headphone and cell phone won’t be stable , once there is a barrier between the Bluetooth headset and mobile phone or a little farther , the Bluetooth headset will automatically disconnect with phone, then it will automatically shut down.